2017: What’s New

Dear friends, and family, We are very delighted to have Susan’s daughter, Sierra Reeves, stepping up to take a bigger role as a new member of the band. In addition to being a wonderful songwriter, Sierra plays guitar, and has picked up bass and mandolin to add to her gorgeous lead and harmony vocals. Needless to say, she is very … Read More

Jennifer Newell2017: What’s New

The Story of My Summer Trips to Tennessee

I was invited to be part of a dance panel consisting of a variety of percussive dance forms at The Equinox Folk Festival in Northridge (L.A.) in September, 2011.  There was an Irish dancer, a Flamenco dancer, a Son Jarocho dancer and myself.  Afterwards I was jamming with the L.A. Old Time musicians and I noticed a thin man standing … Read More

5hpgirlsThe Story of My Summer Trips to Tennessee

2016: LA here we come

December 2 and 3rd we will be in the LA area: December 2nd at Kulak’s, sharing the night with the Severin Brown Band, then December 3 at a home concert at Coddy’s Place.  See details under events, and please come and/or tell the world!

5hpgirls2016: LA here we come

2016: Sunday in San Francisco

This weekend we are busy again.  Doing a wedding in San Luis Obsipo and then a Concert in SF.  Hope to see you somewhere along that dusty trail.  If you are interested in going to the concert in SF, please let Julie know ASAP, there are a very limited seating and it’s filling up…see you there!?! Glen Canyon Folk House … Read More

5hpgirls2016: Sunday in San Francisco

2016: See you Sunday, 9/18, in Camarillo…

The Honeysuckle Possums will be playing their upbeat old time music at Camarillo Library, Sunday 9/18 2pm to 3pm. Five piece all-woman band with a flat-foot dancer.  Loads of fun for the entire family. Come on down and enjoy the music. It’s absolutely free and beyond that, tips are graciously accepted if you feel so inclined.   address: 4101 Las … Read More

5hpgirls2016: See you Sunday, 9/18, in Camarillo…

2016: Sunday at 3pm we be in Pasadena, 2620 E.Foothill Rd.

Holy cow, what a beautiful thing. We made the big trek to Colorado, got to compete with 11 other outrageous bands, we got to play in the semifinals, we won honorable mention. You know we ain’t the hottest pickers around, like some of them bands, but we sure came up in spades with our heart felt enthusiasm. Every one felt … Read More

5hpgirls2016: Sunday at 3pm we be in Pasadena, 2620 E.Foothill Rd.

2016: Rocky Grass Colorado here we come!

We Possums are going to Colorado!  Rocky Grass Bluegrass Festival, in Lyons.  We will be competing in the band competition on the Saturday, July 30. We’ve been practicing our little possum butts off.  Needless to say, we’re excited, no matter what the outcome.  Please wish us well, and thanks for being a fan and supporter of our mission to bring … Read More

5hpgirls2016: Rocky Grass Colorado here we come!

2016: June 11, Goleta, come join the fun.

Parkfield Bulegrass Festival was amazing!  Such a great festival, Lots of great people, great music, great fun! Next up: Possums will be playing at the Unitarian Church on Fairview. Doors open at 6:30, showtime is 7PM.  As usual, we will be having great fun making music, laughter, and  joy, and sharing it with whoever wants to join us for the … Read More

5hpgirls2016: June 11, Goleta, come join the fun.

2016: Thank you Parkfield!

Thank you all who were there at Parkfield with us.  What a magical and wonderful time it was.  The kids program, the staff, the land. Beautiful!

5hpgirls2016: Thank you Parkfield!

2016: May 5-8th

What you doing for this Mother’s Day weekend?  We’re heading up to Parkfield Bluegrass Festival tomorrow and wanted to give a shout out for you all to come–It’s a fun time.  Up in the hills behind Paso Robles.  We’ll be playing 2:30 pm Friday and 2 pm Sunday, also teaching the kids, vocal harmony class, and Ruthie’s doing a flat-foot … Read More

5hpgirls2016: May 5-8th