The Honeysuckle Possums are a high-energy, all-woman band, playing bluegrass, originals, and old-time mountain music. They have been together since 2009 and have one album with a second in the works. Their music has taken them all over California and they continue to gain praise for their beautiful vocals, carefully crafted harmonies, and spirited style. Their performances at various festivals and concerts continue to elicit rave reviews.

The three lead singers, Susan Marie Reeves (guitar, strumstick, ukelele), Rebecca Troon (banjo, fiddle, bodhran, tin whistle) and Sierra Reeves (guitar, mandolin, stand up bass) are all accomplished songwriters. Lisa Macker plays stand up bass and mandolin while joining in on vocals and harmonies. Ruth Alpert is the band’s dancing percussionist…an Appalachian-style flat-footer, who seems to float as she makes it easy for the crowd to dance and clap along.

The Possums’ intention is “to create and share bliss through music”. Their collective joy onstage is delightful, and their performances are carried on a strong current of love and friendship. “Possum” audience members often comment on how that energy is positively contagious!

Susan Marie Reeves is a Newgrass Gypsy, a multi-instrumentalist and an award-winning singer/songwriter. In 2005, she won the Silverton Jubilee songwriting contest and in 2010, the Kauai Music Festival songwriting contest. She toured for 6 years with her bluegrass band, Wild Sage, playing at both Telluride & Strawberry music festivals. She tours with her daughter, Sierra Reeves, and also with the Honeysuckle Possums. She completed her 2nd solo CD, “Young Heart”, to rave reviews, her CD is currently being played internationally on internet radio, while she continues to create picturesque, melodic, music that flows across genres. Susan calls her original music “Gypsy Newgrass” which is a combination of bluegrass, mountain, folk, Irish, & alternative pop/rock. Susan Marie lives in CA with her 3 daughters, and tours the U.S. throughout the year. “Brimming with twangy guitar colorings, dusty folk meanderings, and strong emotive vocals, “Young Heart” is a true S.B. gem, and well worth a spin for fans of Alison Krauss & Sarah McLachlan”-Aly Comingore at S.B. Independent. (Photo Credit: Richard Salas)

Me_Arroyo_Hondo_Hi-res_by_Douglass_CummingsMulti-award winning songwriter and recording artist, Rebecca Troon, accompanies herself on guitar, banjo, and percussion as a solo performer. She is also a member of the all women band, the Honeysuckle Possums. She teaches music privately, and at SummerSonges West in Cambria – a camp for adult songwriters, and has been writing songs for more than 30 years.

Rebecca has two sons, Dan and Richard, and lives in Santa Barbara with her husband; underwater photographer Richard Salas, and their son, Richard. When she is not playing, teaching, practicing, and writing music, she likes to make and grow things. “I get happy when I see people in an audience laughing, and happier still when I see them crying…it’s a funny job.” She has performed at Live Oak Festival, Songtree Concert series, Trinity Backstage, and Bodiehouse Concert Series. (Photo Credit: Richard Salas)

“Rebecca Troon is a force of nature!” – Wendy Waldman

“A Monster Songwriter”– Kenny Edwards

Multi-instrumentalist Lisa Macker began her music career playing the viola in orchestras and studying classical piano. In the late ‘70’s she was given a mandolin as a gift and learned all the basics for old timey and Irish tunes in friends’ living rooms and jams at parks. In the ‘80’s she was a member of the country band “Hands on the Wheel”, based in Santa Barbara. Then she picked up the bass. Lisa met her husband through music and together with artist Mark Insley, formed the trio “Last Roundup”, touring in Southern California.

Two decades and three kids later, Lisa returned to the music scene. She warmed her feet as an accompanist for local classical singers, choruses and instrumentalists. Soon after, she was invited by her neighbor, Susan Marie Reeves to join The Honeysuckle Possums. Lisa was more than happy to become a part of the wonderful melding of talent and heart found in this group of wild women. (Photo Credit: Richard Salas)

image001Ruth Alpert first saw flatfooting at Don West’s festival held at his homestead in Pipestem, West Virginia in 1968. It went straight to her heart and never let go! She began flatfooting regularly in New York City in 1978, dancing in the aisles of the Eagle Tavern to local and visiting old-time bands. She has taught workshops, danced with old-time Appalachian string bands, busked (street performed) in various cities in at least 6 states. She was a member of The Fast Peso String Band in Santa Fe, NM for 15 years, and currently is the percussion section of The Honeysuckle Possums. She is a two-time winner of the National Championship in Senior Buckdancing at Uncle Dave Macon Days Festival in Murfreesboro, TN, in 2013 and 2014. When not dancing, Ruth is a Movement Re-education specialist: she teaches The Alexander Technique and is certified in Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and The Trager® Approach. (Photo Credit: George Ancona)

Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Sierra Reeves has loved music her whole life.  She started performing with her Mom’s bluegrass band, Wild Sage, when she was ten years old.  In February 2015, she toured Europe, opening for Ry X.  Currently Sierra is living in Los Angeles promoting her own material and performing.  Her most favorite thing is playing with the Honeysuckle Possums. (Photo Credit: Richard Salas)

Sierra’s first solo CD was released in 2015; you can find her music here: